Shopping lists, and other opportunities

We have an excel spread sheet for grocery shopping. Actually, we have a system:  during the week, we write down whatever we need at the store on the designated quadrant of the white board we mounted on the fridge (with screws – we were serious about our white board). Then when it’s time to go shopping, we make a list, transferring items from the fridge list onto the spread sheet along with whatever else we need. One of us goes to the store. Later, we enter that week’s prices into the spread sheet.  As crazy and anal as it may sound, doing this has allowed us to keep a closer eye on what we’re buying, to gradually bring down our weekly grocery bill, and to get these tasks done as quickly as we can, in between all the caring for babies, etc..  Sometimes I do feel like the white rabbit dashing around jumping into holes.

Tonight, I made it even better. I went to the store with our list, and marked down what I got in what order, as well as what is where in the store, so I can re-order the list and we can avoid backtracking when we’re shopping. Efficiency!

Other signs of our crazy organizational fervor include a poster on the back of the door in the playroom showing where all the toys go, and the aforementioned whiteboard with sections for tasks, household supplies, and notes.

Nonetheless, our house is very often a mess. I fantasize about a time when our house will be clean and organized most of the time, we’ll be on top of all of our tasks, and we’ll have a great balance between time for ourselves, our jobs, our family, and our avocations. Perhaps it will happen. 🙂


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