Greetings, crying children

So, when I walked in the door from tonight’s gig, I heard Emily crying. As I walked my cello back toward the studio, I heard Hazel crying. Currently, I am feeding the twins and Ted is upstairs with Hazel, but when he comes down it is highly likely I will again hear Hazel crying, unless I turn off the monitor. I might do that. In fact…. done.

Given that I’m coming down with my umpteen billionth cold since the end of summer, my inner child is crying too. I *hate* sore throats.

Hm, possibly throat coat tea, toast, and a shower before bed.

Regarding the gig, it is funny to hear what sounds like a lot of people running around and moving furniture overhead while we’re playing chamber orchestra repertoire in a dark room below. I know it’s a lot of very talented dancers up above, but really, I figure they moved a wardrobe across the stage at least 15 times tonight. Sound is funny.


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