Glad To Be Back

It’s wonderful to be back to teaching. I have really enjoyed seeing my students again this week. I haven’t gotten the schedule down yet and have wound up having to feed the babies at inconvenient times in a couple of instances, but my students are a flexible bunch, and next week will be smoother. Having my brain sufficiently back that I can discuss technical issues (“curl your 4th finger”, “D Major implies the following likely positions/fingerings”,  and “when you use your arm to cross strings, you need to start that process during the note before the string crossing,” etc) is really great. I still have a bit of post-pregnancy brain, but am feeling more and more like myself.

My seven-year-old student was very excited to see the babies. As he and his family were leaving, he lingered, saying to them, “I’m your new friend, Emily and Joanna.” So very sweet.

Taking care of all members of the family, including the cats, is pulling me in a lot of conflicting directions. Sometimes it seems like everyone takes turns:  the minute my lap is free of babies and Hazel, Chester jumps up to lay claim. Perhaps this weekend when we have some babysitting scheduled, I shall go see a movie by myself, a luxury I discovered when Hazel was a baby.


One thought on “Glad To Be Back

  1. The solo movie is a wonderful thing.

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