Switching Gears

Last night the babies slept for longer than usual in their first stint, and Ted bottlefed them in the middle of the night (our current arrangement, while he’s downstairs with the broken foot), and consequently, I was able to sleep later than usual, which was quite fantastic. And then, when I came downstairs, he had fed them recently enough that I was able to pump and not have to feed them immediately, another plus.

Then I started cooking, first by making breakfast, totally normal. After that, though, the cooking crescendoed until I was working on three separate dishes at the same time. Since I am not particularly good at multi-tasking, this is not my usual practice. However, our nanny was arriving at 4:30, and I desperately wanted to be able to take some of the time she was here to go off and have adult fun. Despite Hazel’s suggestions that I put bananas in the spinach Florentine and apples in the turkey casserole, I managed to put all the correct ingredients in their respective dishes, and was only an hour and a half late to my friend’s birthday party.

Moving from one intensively engaged activity to another is always somewhat startling for me, the more so when one of the said activities is family related. Given the Swiss-cheese-like state of my post-pregnancy/current nursing brain, it takes me even more time than it has in the past to process and to switch gears. And at the party there was wine. Really good wine. mmmmm. I had a glass, and that was more than plenty. I really enjoyed good conversation with a fellow musician, an incredible spread, and a lovely friendly party vibe. Among other things, we talked about a couple of exciting, collaborative concerts in which I’ll be involved in the early spring. Though I was tracking the time throughout, the last twenty minutes flew by, and I was 10 minutes late getting back. Hazel was in an unusually hyper/needy place, the twins needed to be fed, so there was another surreal segue-less gear shift. But holding my warm cozy babies close to me is very grounding. Now I am home, and my current lovely present moment is spiced by the knowledge of upcoming musical pleasures.


Friday Adventure

Our nanny and I took all three kids to the Aquarium today. Hazel became a ball of zooming delight when we arrived, and after she’d burned some of that off running around, we checked out the touch tanks. They’re set up like tidal pools, and we spent quite a while looking at tube worms, starfish, crabs, and other natives of our local waters. Possibly the highlight of our visit was seeing the almost-all-grown-up baby sea otter riding around on her mommy, and then watching them play with clams (an unusual treat, apparently), and then balls.

Wearing a green shirt and pants, and a red jacket, Hazel was mistaken for a boy by everyone who spoke to her or us. This happens routinely whenever she isn’t wearing pink or a dress (most of the time). I don’t mention it when it happens, because she hardly ever notices and I don’t want to make it a problem for her by bringing attention to it. However, it does make me wish we used gender-neutral pronouns to take some of the pressure off of people’s desire to figure out which box to use for each child they see.

Going out with all three kids takes a fair amount of energy, but I’m glad to do it (sometimes) so that Hazel still gets to do fun things even when her sisters are so little, and I get out of the house too. I always loved aquariums, and it’s quite wonderful to share them with my daughter.

Glad To Be Back

It’s wonderful to be back to teaching. I have really enjoyed seeing my students again this week. I haven’t gotten the schedule down yet and have wound up having to feed the babies at inconvenient times in a couple of instances, but my students are a flexible bunch, and next week will be smoother. Having my brain sufficiently back that I can discuss technical issues (“curl your 4th finger”, “D Major implies the following likely positions/fingerings”,  and “when you use your arm to cross strings, you need to start that process during the note before the string crossing,” etc) is really great. I still have a bit of post-pregnancy brain, but am feeling more and more like myself.

My seven-year-old student was very excited to see the babies. As he and his family were leaving, he lingered, saying to them, “I’m your new friend, Emily and Joanna.” So very sweet.

Taking care of all members of the family, including the cats, is pulling me in a lot of conflicting directions. Sometimes it seems like everyone takes turns:  the minute my lap is free of babies and Hazel, Chester jumps up to lay claim. Perhaps this weekend when we have some babysitting scheduled, I shall go see a movie by myself, a luxury I discovered when Hazel was a baby.

A Busy Day

It’s been a long and busy day. In the morning, I more or less managed to get done the things Ted usually does, but as Hazel and I were sitting on the front porch waiting for her ride (we’ve starting carpooling on Wednesdays with a family that lives close by), I realized that I hadn’t given her any breakfast. So, to her delight, she got to have part of a protein bar. Now, of course, she’s asking for more at every turn. Ah well.

Then followed a long day of lots of activity, including teaching my first lessons back at my house. We’re definitely going to have to come up with a solution for the issue of my trying to work at home. Hazel had a meltdown while I was teaching, and so I had to come out and talk to her during the lesson.Thinking about the kids running around during lessons makes my hair stand on end, wave, and carry signs in protest. However, one step at a time!

While waiting with Ted at the doctor’s office, though, I took the time to write in Emily and Joanna’s baby books. That always feels good, knowing I’m giving something that’ll increase in value to them over time. It’s like sending love and hugs into the future. I think we’re going to buy one for Hazel and write down some of our memories for her now, before it’s all faded into the neurological ether.

Hello world!

Inspired by the examples of my mom and my brother, I’m going to try my hand at blogging. It’ll be a way to mentally wrap up the day, as well as an opportunity to write regularly.

Today has started out with a bang. Last night I woke up hearing thumps downstairs. When I went to investigate, Ted was looking fixedly out the back door, after attempting to scare off a raccoon poking its snoot into our cat door. In the process, unfortunately, he kicked the back door with unprotected toes. Now he’s up at an urgent care place getting a foot x-ray, and our nanny has generously agreed to come on her off day to help me out.

Not sure what to do about the raccoon. Satchmo’s eyes are bigger than his claws.